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``Absorbance 96 a new category of plate reader``

The Absorbance 96 is the only truly portable plate reader in the world. Easily transported within or between different laboratories, the Absorbance 96 brings readout to your workspace. Its robust design and  USB power supply also make it the perfect tool for field use and mobile laboratories.



Clovertech’s IAC Autamatic Workstation

Clover-IAC Automatic Workstation, A fully autamatic Immunoaffinity column purification equipment developed for the application of large-scale sample pre-processing using fully automatic Immunoaffinity column purification technology. It completely replaces manual operation to avoid direct contact with harmful chemicals high precision control system avoids human operation errors and ensures the accuracy of operation high-efficiency intelligent system, intelligent integrated control operation, greatly improves operation efficiency. This workstation is widely used in various Immunoaffinity column purification processes,such as Mycotoxin, Vitamins, Veterinary drug residues, BPA, Heparin and other Immunoaffinity column operations.


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Clover technology group

Since its establishment in 1993, it has focused on the development of food safety testing technology, service and product sales. In 1997, he became the general agent of VICAM in
China. For the global Yihai, Luhua, Nestle, Mengniu, Yili and other large food enterprises Mycomycin analysis technology and products, participated in and formulated more than 20 Chinese standards for mycotoxin analysis and AOAC standards for collaborative testing to provide aflatoxin analysis technology support and detection equipment for more than 1000 laboratories in China.